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1 | About

Learn more about the history of RuhlTech and our 6,000-square foot facility in Spring Lake, NC.

2 | Tools

We manufacture a wide range of breaching tools, including bolt cutters, rescue axes and breaching rams.

3 | Rams

If you're in a tight breaching situation, a breaching ram can help you carry out a successful forced entry.

4 | Ladders

You can rely on us for a variety of ladders, from quick fold-out ladders to solid breaching ladders.

Breaching tools in Spring Lake, NC

Durable Breaching Tools in Fayetteville & Spring Lake, NC

Are You Prepared to Gain Access? Rely on RuhlTech's Manufacturing Facility & Tools

RuhlTech breaching tools are engineered to get you in. We specialize in manufacturing breaching tools for military and law enforcement agencies. From breaching doors and ladders to rescue axes and rams, we carry all of the equipment you need to gain access to any entry point. We also have the equipment and experience necessary to design and fabricate custom breaching tools in Fayetteville & Spring Lake, NC.

All of our breaching tools are developed with input from users and have been tested extensively over the years. Utilizing feedback from military and law enforcement agencies worldwide allows us to constantly improve our products. Get in touch with us today to discuss your custom order or learn more about our breaching tools.

When you're on a mission, it's essential to be prepared with reliable breaching tools. Here are three reasons why you should order your breaching tools from RuhlTech:

1. All tools we manufacture are made in the U.S.

2. We're the only breaching tool manufacturer that's approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

3. We're a veteran-owned and operated company.

Call 910-497-3172 to learn more about our breaching tools for military and law enforcement agencies. Our facility in Spring Lake, NC serves law enforcement and military units all over the world.